The Footcare Lady



Medical pedicures are special attention to the feet of anyone with chronic disease such as diabetes or for (geriatric) clients who cannot reach their feet to do adequate self-care due to crippling physical complaints such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, just to name a few.

My treatment consists of:

- Inspection of the feet and analysis of the individual's biomechanics.
- Foot soak and scrub.   **For diabetic feet with ulcers or anyone with a wound on their feet, I have a different protocol for softening the toenails and calluses.
- Toenail trim - remove any spicules or ingrowns causing issues then file the toenail smooth.
- Cuticle and debris removal from under and around nail beds.
- Filing cuticles, thinning nail (if thick or wooded), then smoothing the nail for healthy nail growth.
- Callus removal
- Corn removal.

This footcare is perfect for diabetics, geriatric, or anyone that needs more than the average buff and polish at your local salons.

We are experienced with individuals who have ulcers and/or open wounds on their feet. We DO NOT provide wound care; however, individuals with wounds can rest assured that we also provide specialized care to remove calluses and have their toenails trimmed. You will not be soaking in our foot bath or have a foot scrub; you will treated with a non-acid callus softener and toenail moisturizer applied to aid in their removal. Your wounds will be protected and secured throughout the whole procedure.

All our tools are sterilized by myself using the Podiatrist's surgical sterilization facility,  we adhere to the highest degree of infection and control procedures.