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If you have been in a car accident in Edmonton, the insurance process will be a priority after police reporting and seeking the required medical treatment. The collision must be reported to your car insurance company as soon as possible and at the latest within 10 days, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

Once you have reported the accident to the police and have seeked medical attention, you must report the accident to your insurance company within 10 days. You will get two (2) adjudicators and two (2) claim numbers - one for your car, one for your body. 

The injuries that you sustained can sometimes be delayed; you may feel fine the next day but sometimes within 7-10 days you may start experiencing muscle pain and stiffness. This is not uncommon. This is why when the adjudicator asks if you have been hurt we recommend that you state yes due to this fact.

We know that recovery from such injuries can be a long, emotionally exhausting and sometimes painful experience. There are specific types of injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents, and consulting a trained massage therapist immediately can prevent these treatable ailments from becoming lifelong disabilities. I will work with you to create a fully customized treatment plan focusing on the areas you need the most. I will focus on positivity and motivation to keep your spirits up, which will aide you in your recuperation.

If you have been in a car crash on of the most common injuries is to the upper spine and neck. Other common symptoms include joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, arm pain and leg pain. These symptoms occur when the vertebral joints and associated muscles and nerves are subjected to uncommon forces and movements associated with a car accident.


What to do if you are injured in a Automobile Accident:

1. See a primary health care practitioner (chiropractor, medical doctor and/or physical therapist) as soon as possible for an assessment of your injury and, if needed, treatment advice.

2. File an injury accident report with the police.

3. Complete the attached Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim Form (AB-1), retain a copy for your records and send the original signed form(s) to the insurance company. If you are unable to send the form within the following timeframes, submit it to your insurance company as soon as practicable and explain the reason for the delay.

  • If your injury is diagnosed as a sprain, strain or a whiplash associated disorder I or II, submit the AB-1 form within 10 days of the accident so that you can access accident benefits described as the "Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols."
  • If you have other types of injuries, or you choose not to access the accident benefits described as the "Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols", submit the form within 30 days of the accident.
  • If a family member is fatally injured in the collision, you can access funeral, grief counseling and death benefits. This form should be submitted within 30 days of the accident.

4. You will be contacted about the benefits you are entitled to receive after the insurance company reviews your completed form. If your insurance company needs any additional information in order to process your application, they will contact you.